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A successful Christmas movie director begins living her own Christmas movie when a handsome network exec shows up threatening to halt production on her latest film.

Titles:Hollywood Christmas


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

8 /10

Gender:4K UHD , Comedy , Family
Audio:Latin and original language
Quality: 4K Ultra HD HDR | Full HD
Director: Alex Ranarivelo,
Cast: Anissa Borrego , Brooke Dillman , Jessika Van , Josh Swickard , Mar W. Gray

Watching “A Hollywood Christmas” made us feel bad for the pressure the writers must be under. We mean, it is compulsory to have a Christmas movie, and the formula can’t change, but it has to be different. The writers must have been feeling so burned out. But seriously, movies like “A Hollywood Christmas” do not get you into the holiday spirit. In fact, they remind you that the holiday has started losing its charm because of its over-the-top commercialization. Initially, when we noticed that this movie was not exactly offering anything different, we decided that we could still enjoy it if we did not take it too seriously in comparison to the real world. But there was a forced depth to the emotions it was trying to play into that we just couldn’t wrap our heads around, not to mention the horrendous lack of chemistry between the leads. The movie’s saving grace was that it is just an hour and a half long, so it ends soon. Let us see how this plays out.


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