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Through revealing interviews, the perpetrators of Argentina’s most famous bank robbery detail how, and why, they carried out the spectacular 2006 operation.

-Bank Robbers The Last Great Heist Review Contain Some Spoilers-

The documentary starts off with the mastermind of the robbery or the man who started it all, Fernando Araujo. In the year 2003, he was a happy man, who had taken a sabbatical and indulged in his interest in the arts. Like plastic art, martial arts and Cannabis arts. He was writing his own book on the indoor cultivation of Marijuana and making other artistic things.

Until one day he realised, he needs to rob a bank. He calls it the transcendence of death or a change in perception, where he wanted to do something, create art that nobody can think of or replicate. And the conclusion of it was a bank robbery. Some might think that’s pretty odd for anyone to just decide something like this.

But you gotta remember that everyone has at least once, thought that they should just rob a bank. However, such conclusions are entailed by the person’s financial situation etc, where they actually need money and robbing seems easier than earning it over N number of years. And nobody actually acts on it, except some I guess.

Anyway, just like Fernando, the people that helped him in this heist were also ordinary people, living a comfortable life. One was his friend Sebastian, an engineer by profession but operating a jet ski mechanic shop. The other was Luis Mario Vitette, an Uruguayan man who fled to Argentina during his temporary break from prison and joined the thieves gang, robbing rich people.

And the ones who joined later were also people with a crime/stealing history and were called the Doc, The Kid and Beto. Together they all came up with a plan of faking a bank robbery in the front, to create a diversion, but actually stealing the safe deposit boxes in the basement vault, through an underground tunnel.

They worked out their way to the vault through the drainage tunnels and schemed the whole plan, how they would steal and escape from there. And it wasn’t all that easy, they worked for almost 3 years until the plan unfolded in 2006. While the news reports say that they looted 143 safe boxes and took $95 million but it could actually be more.

Titles:The Thieves: the true story of the robbery of the century


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

9 /10

Gender:Documentary film
Audio:Latin and original language
Quality: Full HD
Director: Mathias Gueilburt,
Cast: Estela Maris Casal , Fernando Araujo , Gastón Garbus , Gilbert M. Anderson , Leandro Dall Acqua

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