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A cop’s mission to track down a child abduction racket in the city. With inspector officer Akshay Kumar and police officer Manjit Singh.

Movie Name:Cuttputlli
Cast:Akshay Kumar
Director:Ranjit Tewari

When two characters in a film – a thriller, no less – discuss a hearing aid that has a recording feature, you know to focus tightly on that piece of machine, for that, is what will drive the thriller home. If this ‘clue’ looks too obvious, in-your-face, blame not Akshay Kumar’s Cuttputlli, now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. It is simply a faithful, scene-by-scene copy of the 2018-released Ratsasan, Akshay’s third South remake in recent times, second for the OTT giant itself. Are these stats making you go ‘tch tch tch, does Bollywood have nothing new to offer anymore’? Well, you are not alone.

Akshay’s Arjan Sethi, a 36-year-old aspiring thriller filmmaker turn reluctant cop with Himachal Police, joins the force with his well-researched knowledge of psychopaths and serial killers. Just then, a potential serial killer, with absolutely no motive the cops can establish, rampantly abducting and killing teenage school girls, emerges in the quaint Kasauli. His seniors in the force, of course, do not entertain his insights. His brother-in-law, Narinder (Chandrachur Singh), has just one piece of advice – keep your head down and work, say yes, and don’t try to be a ‘hero’. A piece of advice that soon proves to be redundant, and not just because it is an Akshay Kumar film and he ought to emerge as the hero.

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